The Hollows: a series

All dark witches are part of The Hollows a town in Clallam County of Washington. They gather here because of the five most powerful witch sisters from the Shadow-Bound Coven. The Enchantress, one who can control the five elements of the universe while playing tricks on the minds of the others. The Bone Witch, she... Continue Reading →


All That Gold Series

All That Gold Series Four boys, a heartbreaker, a narcissist, a virgin and a delinquent deal with life in their own strange ways as they learn to accept the truth of living: “Not everything you want, you can have. But somethings, you must learn to take.”   Funny, prank-filled stories that have a hidden lesson... Continue Reading →


God made a mother, So wonderful and bold. A mother who never grows Old.   He made her smile like sunshine, And her heart of pure gold.   Deep brown eyes, Like shadows in the sun. He placed, within them, Bright joyful fun.   Her cheeks, Like red roses. Her hair, Flows in various poses.... Continue Reading →

‘So Many Questions’

‘So Many Questions’ All I ask of you is to understand me. It pains me so much to know That even you don’t understand How it is I feel, not even you Can read the signs, or look behind the façade. It pains so much that I wish someday You will know me like I... Continue Reading →

A Winter Love

A Winter Love  One winter day, so frosty out yet warm Underneath the sparkling silver Covered in snow, dancing in the storm Are twinkling lights misty in the frozen river   Once again it is but just December And spices of cinnamon and nutmeg, Float around in my cup of hot coco This was just... Continue Reading →

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