Electric Bliss

Electric Bliss

by Chantelle Nazareth

My passion tattooed onto my tongue

As it glides across sweet caramel skin.

Branded the heart in your chest

I felt your breath

lightly and deeply

against my neck.

Cloudy skies obstruct your eyes

waves of pleasure pulse

onto my fingertips.

Stealth in perfection

your lips brush upon

an electric bliss.

Illuminating caramel skin under candle light

my lips against tight collar bones.

Drowning in a deep sea of blankets,

you and me.

Hands glide against my body,

my chest rises with each breath.

Air around me filled with a musky scent

mixed with vanilla and cigarette smoke.

My heart rushes to an

electric bliss.

Something about the way our bodies move

skin to skin

hip to hip

the way my hair falls onto my face

as your fingers rush through

lengths of red silky waves.

And as you grip onto my waist

my heartbeats crash against my ribs

like waves against rocks,

Surrendering to this electric bliss.


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