The Fallen One

The Fallen One


I felt my funeral and my death despair

My wings so broken, so bare

Nothing holding me up anymore,

Kept falling and falling till no end.

And so I became the angel in hell.


Why must I be banished? Why must I bear such pain?

Every sense was breaking through

Like those drums

That kept beating and beating till I thought

No more!


Blood surrounded me, my heart began to cry.

My mind was going numb,

And creak across my soul.

The needless pounding again and again

Till there was nothing more but dust.


Flames burned around me,

As all the heavens were a buzz

And being but an ear

I and silence, some strange

Solitaire here.


My white wings are dirty

My halo is cracked

And with each burning blaze

Out burns the last reminisce of my heart.


I am the fallen one.

Yet I am freedom.

I can fly no more,

But I can still see, lurking in the dangerous corners of hell.

I come for those who doubt the good

And those who see no truth.


I am the fallen one.

Black and burned to coal.

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