The Creature of The Night

The Creature of the Night


Darkness breaks as the moon awakes

Night now brings, stars it makes.

Howling high on a mountain top,

A vicious beast, calling to others of his kind.


His bright yellow beads,

Burns with a fierce hunger,

Gleaming like sapphire in the dark,

Striking fear into the heart.


On the mountain top, stands tall

The vicious creature from night.

Shinny glass like fur,

Glowing brighter with every move,

Under the waning moon.


In his territory,

This beast is the Alpha,

Strong and mighty,

To whom others bow.


He awaits the waning light,

To show him the path.

For the wolf is awake,

And the hunt begins.


His heart pounds against his chest,

Like a moth fluttering wildly against a hot light.

His prey is near and teeth bare,

Like the sharpness of a knife.

He lungs swiftly, ending the hunt with a cry,

Thus he is the creature of the night.

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