A Winter Love

A Winter Love 


One winter day, so frosty out yet warm

Underneath the sparkling silver

Covered in snow, dancing in the storm

Are twinkling lights misty in the frozen river


Once again it is but just December

And spices of cinnamon and nutmeg,

Float around in my cup of hot coco

This was just like what I remember

While we sat by the fire and curled our legs

Building blankets into a burrow


A winter love, so warm and so bliss

Underneath the rays of gold

I long to be held and for your kiss

Forever is nothing but what my heart holds


A green pine tree rests happily

Decorated in ornaments and ivory

As its sways with the wind outside

We sit with our family inside

Flipping through pictures in our photo diary

And the warm flames of joy burn behind

Bringing happy cheers of another Christmas year.

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