‘So Many Questions’

‘So Many Questions’

All I ask of you is to understand me.

It pains me so much to know

That even you don’t understand

How it is I feel, not even you

Can read the signs, or look behind the façade.

It pains so much that I wish someday

You will know me like I know you.

I feel just what I feared the most

and maybe

a pen and a book

are the only ones

who can

understand the meaning behind my words.

And when all my walls come

crumbling down you are all I see!


You make me feel so….

even words cant describe.

Tell me,

What is this that I feel?


Why am I hurting?

Why is it so cold and broken?

Lost somewhere is my cannon ball

the one so hard as stone.

Now I’m left with nothing but this wrecking ball

And cracks within this wall.


Would you turn your back, look the other way

Or would you be besides me,

Even when miles start to form?

But am I worth the struggle

Or just a marionette,

With heartstrings open and bare?


The void in my chest where once was a golden gem,

Is nothing but a rusting ball of flame.

Is that how it should feel to be someone’s princess?

Then why do fairytales paint a picture so red?


What if this is the only way?

What if my departure is the only way I can survive?

Will you still be mine?

Would you still love me?

Tell me why must I question,

The bond between you and me?


Could we be a love story?

Could we make it right?

If I left you right now, would you run away?

Or would you find a way to make me stay?


Am I your muse or just a little puppet,

Lost and broken

once the day is over?

You say love like ours is forever,

But forever in my mind is just an illusion.

And if I let my guard down tonight,

Would you be there

when the sun lights up the sky?

Or will I just be a conquest,

that brightens up your night?


Do you dream of a future?

Do you see past the present?

Or is it just me,

The girl with so many questions.

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  1. You are not alone to go through such emotions. I’m sure most of us feel this way when we get into serious relationships but I do have a question for you.


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