Electric Bliss

Electric Bliss by Chantelle Nazareth My passion tattooed onto my tongue As it glides across sweet caramel skin. Branded the heart in your chest I felt your breath lightly and deeply against my neck. Cloudy skies obstruct your eyes waves of pleasure pulse onto my fingertips. Stealth in perfection your lips brush upon an electric …

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a twenty-something-year-old, Creative Writing Major, living to be a legend while penning stories to the endless supply of paper provided by Word and juggling life's mysterious events. is majorly obsessed with tattoos, piercings, and highlights. occasionally transforms into a vocalist and jams out to anything that lets me belt out high notes. part realist, part …

Wattpad Book Review – 1

Thank you for this Review 🙂


Hello there. This is my first attempt on a book review. Today I have a book from http://www.wattpad.com

[PHOTOGRAPHS] by Sugarrush_Coco/ Chantelle Nazareth @wattpad.com http://www.wattpad.com/user/Sugarrush_Coco

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chantelle Nazareth also known as Sugarrush_Coco or Cocolava is an Indian Wattpadian (wattpad author). She is 22 years old and mostly writes books in the genre: Teen fiction, General Fiction. Her books that I have read until today are mostly based on the University life. However all her books have different story lines and plot. Sugarish_Coco is her new id. Until now she has posted her work on her old id with the name Cocolava. You will find all her works at wattpad.com

Synopsis: ❝Cause Photographs Never Change…❞ **** ❥ This is a story about a girl who loved too much and a boy who could not love at all. A…

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