Minimalist Poems

Marionette  I danced to the end by your side till you let go my strings broke and heart left bare I was once yours but now I’m not we stole the show and now no more   Music  Music Heals wounds Keeps changing To hearts beating Makes the world believe Everything is alright Music is... Continue Reading →


The Creature of The Night

The Creature of the Night   Darkness breaks as the moon awakes Night now brings, stars it makes. Howling high on a mountain top, A vicious beast, calling to others of his kind.   His bright yellow beads, Burns with a fierce hunger, Gleaming like sapphire in the dark, Striking fear into the heart.  ... Continue Reading →

The Last of Summer Days

The Last of Summer Days As the leaves start to fall, that’s when summer comes nears it mighty end. Ants now begin to sing in traps, of falling brown and all this craze. That winds bring in with a dance to them, blind ballets of coded circles. So rain constant washes over, the last of... Continue Reading →


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