The Trouble Trilogy

(a story inspired by the song Skinny Love by Bon Iver.) A story about Axel and Holly who are both in love with each other but are too afraid to tell the other. Book 1: The Trouble Of Loving Axel ❝I don't know what was more addicting. Either it was the way the alcohol sent... Continue Reading →


Minimalist Poems

Marionette  I danced to the end by your side till you let go my strings broke and heart left bare I was once yours but now I’m not we stole the show and now no more   Music  Music Heals wounds Keeps changing To hearts beating Makes the world believe Everything is alright Music is... Continue Reading →

My Second Hand Six String

  My Second Hand Six String Obstructing light coming into the room it stands by the windowsill raven body smooth as jet, covered in Irish cream droplets. Carved hard into the surface, around its hollowed mouth an everlasting smell of chestnuts roasting and freshly cut oak trees. There my guitar sits on a golden stand,... Continue Reading →


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